Sunday, July 27, 2008

Islam’s prominence over other contemporary religions

Islam’s prominence over other contemporary religions
The first and foremost point of distinctive prominence of Islam over other contemporary religions is that it is present in its original form without any modifications or distortions whatsoever, as it sprang forth some fourteen hundred years back. On the contrary, Judaism and Christianity preserved their originality and authenticity only during the lifetime of Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Isa respectively. Thereafter, some of the followers modified the original religion by manipulating and adding incorrect notions, taking a toll of its originality itself.
Similarly, other religions and beliefs have also got restructured and distorted over the epochs. The second most prominent distinction of Islam is that it is not attributed to any human being, not even Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), the most beloved and obedient creation who preached the words of Allah to the entire mankind. On the other hand, it is not so among other religions. To cite some examples, Judaism is attributed to Yahudah (Judah), one of the sons of Hazrat Yaqub, Christianity to Hazrat Isa (A), Buddhism to Gautam Buddha. In this perspective, it would be highly ignoramus to call the revealed words of Allah, preached by Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) as Mohammadi or Mohammedan Laws, the way the Europeans termed them. Infact, these are Islamic Laws, since Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is not the founder of this religion. He was only a means, a messenger in bringing the words of the Almighty to the mankind. In the Quran, Allah says about the Prophet (SAW) that he did not utter a single word in the name of Islamic teachings and guidance from Allah, on his own or as per his own wishes, without the instructions of Allah. It suggests, that whatever were his preaching and sayings, they were spoken by him in accordance with the instructions of Allah. Therefore, it is incumbent on every Muslim to follow them just like the Quran.
Furthermore, the third distinctive feature of Islam is that the name ‘Islam’ and ‘Iman’ itself give a fair idea about its essence, which suggests the existence of real peace and security for its followers, unlike other contemporary religions of the world.

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