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Is the huge universe within the bounds of any creature?

Is the huge universe within the bounds of any creature?
The above-mentioned discussion entails that leave alone the vast universe, even creating a particle billion and trillion times smaller is out of bounds of human beings or any other entity whatsoever barring Allah. When it is established that the Creator and Sustainer of one and all is none other than Allah, a question comes up that for whom has this universe been created and why so. Moreover, who is running it so smoothly, systematically in a well-organized way. Profoundly speaking, Islam or Iman is the name of having faith in such true facts, accepting them, acknowledging them and leading a life in consonance with Allah’s instructions by realizing His greatness. If someone like the atheists claims that these things came into existence on their own, they ought to prove how did it really happen. Man came into existence from a mother’s womb out of sperms. The womb was developed out of human diet. The diet originated from tiny seedling, then from where did the seedling originate? The mystery would keep on going intricate as one goes further. Everything developed from some other thing – this fact needs to be registered in the minds of human beings. When such a tiny object cannot earn it’s own existence, how can this mighty universe come into existence by itself? Alternatively, if someone claims that it is the hard work of his statues and self-made gods, in such a case, the Quran throws an open challenge that, do they have the powers to infuse life even into a tiny housefly?
Surprisingly, even the Kafirs and Mushriks believe that the creator of one and all is Allah alone. However, they have been termed so because they claim that some of His creations assist him in running the universe although they have no role to play in creating it. Islam., on the other hand, asserts that Allah alone has created the universe and He alone runs it, all by Himself. In this process, He shall never require anybody’s help, neither He has required in the past nor in the present.
The well-knit system of the universe is an evidence of the unity of Allah
If a Kafir or Mushrik ponders seriously for a while over the entire system of the universe, which is highly, well structured and organized, he would renounce his misdemeanors and have faith in the oneness of Allah at that very instant. In the Quran, Allah asks the mankind, "O mankind, who has created the sprawling skies which stand by themselves without any support? Do you notice any fault or lacuna in it? Not once, look at it again and again. Looking at it will exhaust you but you shall never find any shortcoming. Who is preventing it from falling upon you, within whose bounds does it lie, except that of Allah?
The sky is so distant from us, so high above us and so vast, an idea can be had from the fact that man has been able to locate such stars beyond the Sun whose light reaches the Earth in 15 million years despite travelling at an electrifying speed of 300 thousand meters per second. However, despite locating such distant stars, it has been virtually impossible to calculate the distance of the sky from the Earth.
All the stars and the planets underneath the sky move around the fixed orbits. Such is the fine balance existing between them, that they have not moved an inch out of their pre-determined paths even in thousands of years and there has not been a delay of a fraction of a second in their period of revolution, else the whole system would go haywire. Because of such high levels of precision, scientists are able to make accurate predictions about forthcoming solar or lunar eclipses even years before the event. In a similar way, the time period of each star or heavenly body is also fixed.
Allah, the Almighty says, " Each running (its course) for a term appointed." (13:2)
That is, all objects move as per the stipulated time - frame only. There is no collision or mis-management in this system, whatsoever. Take the example of the Sun, which has been destined by Allah to be a source of energy for Earth and other planets. It is basically a ball of fire having a temperature around a million degree Celsius at the core. The temperature is sufficient to melt the Earth several times over. It rotates at a speed of a million kilometres per hour around its axis while moving at a speed of 12 miles per second on it’s infinite, fixed orbit.
It has been referred to as "And the sun runs on its fixed course for a term (appointed)." (36:28) in the Quran, which suggests that the Sun is moving swiftly towards its destination. Despite running away at such an awe-inspiring speed, it nevertheless, takes 250 million years to complete one revolution around its galaxy alone. If the distance between the Sun and the Earth is reduced, the heat generated would be certainly unbearable for the life on the Earth.
On the contrary, if it pushed further away, the cold would threaten the very existence of man on this planet. Similarly, if any other energy-emitting star replaces over Sun, still the Earth would be incapable of braving the intense heat generated. To protect the Earth dwellers from the excessive temperature of the Sun and to reduce the intensity of heat, Allah has enveloped the planet with an invisible layer of Ozone, beyond which life cannot be sustained naturally, despite all efforts by man in terms of scientific advancements. Thus, Allah had already told the mankind some 14 hundred years back itself that inspite of the infinite vastness of the universe, the ideal conditions for existence of the life are present on the blue planet alone.
" On Earth will be a dwelling place for you and an enjoyment for a time." (2:36)
The outcome has been clear. Man’s efforts to find the possibility of life in the universe has not borne fruit up till now. If he finds oxygen on one planet, there is no water and if water exists then there is no oxygen on the other. Without doubt, they shall never be able to find a star or planet like Earth in the entire universe until eternity, in the light of the Quran.
Furthermore, if man examines the vast, infinite and deep stretches of called Oceans closely, the oceanic system would be sufficient enough to comprehend the greatness of Allah. To start with, we can take Water. We know, water starts rotting and smelling if kept for a long time. However, the ocean water has not become smelly even after millions of years by virtue of the magnificent system of the waves and the flux and reflux created by Allah. As per fair estimates, if the ocean water we re to be transferred to any other place, it would require a stretch of over 323 million and 722 thousand cubic miles about 1.5 kilometres wide and deep. The water in oceans is s saline that if all the salt could be extracted from it and spread out, an area of nearly seven million square kilometres of this Earth could have been covered by it with a thickness of about a mile. Let’s look at another miracle. There happens to be an island in the high seas. The island is surrounded by saline water from all sides and beneath, however when a well is dug on it, it gives fresh potable water.
Allah says: "And the two seas (kinds of water) are not alike: this is fresh sweet and pleasant to drink and that is salt and bitter." (35:12)
Similarly, we know that one of the primary characteristics of water is that is cannot exist along with any substance retaining it’s own properties. Either it dominates or is subdued by the substance. If it is in a lesser quantity, it acquires the characteristics and color of the solvent and in case it is in a larger quantity, it forces the soluble to part with its characteristics. To elaborate it further, if we mix a little bit of gravy or syrup to water, they tend to lose their existence in it. On the other hand, if more of them are added to less water, the water simply becomes a part of them. Similar is the behaviour of fresh or salty water. It suggests that, water or other liquids having different colors or taste cannot exist together retaining their characteristic features. However, contrary to this logic, several such places have been found in the oceans by man where water of different colors are flowing together bearing their distinctive features such as colors. A similar panoramic view can be seen even in our own country at Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh, at Sangam, the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. Similar features have also been observed at places in the sea adjoining Bahrain, a country in the Arabian Peninsula, the Bay of Bengal as well as the Persian Gulf. After all, what would be the hindering force or substance, which prevents the water having different, tastes and colors from retaining their original properties. Modern Science is virtually incapable of solving the mystery, however Allah unfolds the mystery behind it, in the glorious Quran itself, saying that He Himself has kept the oceans from not mixing together by a thin invisible barrier between them, which prevents them from inter - mingling.
" He has let loose the two seas (the salt and fresh water) meeting together. Between them is a barrier which none of them can transgress." (55:19,20)
During the summer season, the saline water of the oceans gets evaporated and takes the form of clouds at higher attitudes. Surprisingly, it itself gets condensed into water and freshwater falls on Earth. Needless to say, is there anybody else other than Allah, who is capable of converting the saline water going up into freshwater pouring down?

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