Sunday, July 20, 2008

Allah’s omnipotence in creation

Allah’s omnipotence in creation
Not only is Allah the Almighty the sole Creator and Sustainer of one and Allah, He also has unparalleled skills in creating in each an every thing. He did not claim that He can create these particular objects, rather He declared: ‘What is that, which I cannot create, in fact I can create everything.’
"Allah is able to do all things" (2:109)
His omnipotence can be estimated from the unique attributes of His creations as well as their unimaginable balance and temperance, dynamic equilibrium, strength and might. Let us consider the birth of a Child growing in mother’s womb. Out of the millions of sperms, Allah creates such a wonderful and beautiful entity called Man, when just one of them is successful in fertilization. Time and again, Allah urges the mankind, in the Holy Quran, to ponder over the intricacies of Nature. How wonderfully He creates a clean and pure entity in the form of man by fertilizing a dirty drop of water in the Mother’s womb! Further, one gets over awed by the way in which He gives him a foetal form with the help of clotted blood and then bestows a bony structure to this foetus, then how He adds flesh to the structure and then creates the tiny functional systems or organs in the process. Finally, He puts a soul into the assembly and then very easily sends off this living creature into the outside world after a period of 9 months. Leave alone creating a functional living entity in the form of a man from a miniscule particle called sperm, is any human being capable of sending back the child into the Mother’s womb, after the birth? Is it possible with the best of technology available to man? Despite the great advancements in the field of medicine and science, man still is helpless. Then let us just ponder for a while, as to how does Allah put a soul into the tiny frame after 6 months and then lets it grow further for 3 months within a special bag-like structure in the mother’s body, called the womb. Moreover, he enables the foetus to get adequate nutrition in the form of blood. For three months, it sustains itself with blood. On the contrary, can we ever imagine the child to survive by drinking even a few drops of this blood, having taken birth in this world. Also, it is quite unimaginable to believe as to how could this living infant survive in the mother’s womb for 3 months without having any opening in it for breathing. How could he survive having been submerged in the fluid present in this little bag for so long? On the other hand, can he survive even for a few minutes, if all the passages of breathing are shut down or say, he is drowned in a bucketful of water?
As a matter of fact, those who do not believe in Allah could only know about the process of development, that is the fertilization of the sperm and the egg resulting in a zygote that develops into a clot of blood called foetus which further develops bones, then flesh and finally a soul put into the structure, with the recent advancements in the 20th century. However, the Muslim had already come to know about these stages of growth 14 hundred years ago through the Quran. Was it possible for anybody to describe the whole process accurately without observing it closely? Who else but Allah can describe it. Of course He is the Creator of one and all. Many a non-Muslim scientists and physicians were left aghast to know that the Quran had precisely described about it, some 14 hundred years erstwhile. They readily embraced Islam. In a similar way, He created human beings as the most beautiful and astounding of all species in the universe. Obviously, man is certainly incapable of creating such wonderful entries. In fact, he cannot even get rid of an imperfection given to him by the Almighty. For example, if He left somebody bereft of eyesight, the whole world with all its might, wealth and intellect could not restore his eyesight. If someone was born dumb, they could not give back his voice. Allah reiterates that, ‘ It is We who not only create human-beings but also bestow them with charming and exquisite faces.’
Allah, the Almighty has so far, created billions of human beings from similar type of sperm and a similar organ. Surprisingly, the features of all of them are different from each other. There did exist some or the other physical difference in the appearance even though twins were also born from the same womb of the mother and the same sperm of the father. Are not the fruits growing on trees or developing from a single seed at the same time on the same tree at the same place under the same climatic conditions different in size, colour and taste? Can any human being produce varied types of items at the same time from the same raw materials using the same machines in the same factory? Have not the human beings seen the babies of such huge animals like elephants and camels come out through such a small opening.
Do we not see those tiniest of tiny insects that can comfortably accommodate in dozens even in a speck of mustard seed. When seen through the microscope, scientists could even identify and classify their outward features as the eye, the ears, the mouth, the nose, the limbs, the stomach and the back as well as their internal organs like the liver, the kidneys, the heart, the lungs, the intestines and the brain. Who else but Allah can demonstrate His miraculous skills even in such miniscule creatures. Man developed a robot and programmed it to obey his order. But, could he put a soul into it and was he able to lend it the heart and the prowess of intelligence. Now. When man has deeply annualized the brilliant creative prowess of Allah within himself and the astounding universe outside and when his heart and mind have also accepted the rationale and logic underlying the fact that it is Allah alone who is capable of such miraculous creations, what stops him from having faith in Allah. Allah Himself answers: "These people, basically, are blind and their hearts are concealed behind curtains. That is why, they are not embracing the Righteous Path and all are not embracing faith by accepting the truth."

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