Saturday, July 26, 2008

The foundation stone of Islam

The foundation stone of Islam
fundamental basis of Islam and Iman is that man should accept wholeheartedly and affirm his belief in the fact that Allah alone is worthy of worship. This ultimate truth should pervade his mind and senses like an unquestionable fact. It should not be let off his mind and conscience at any stage in life that the entire unfathomable, ever-expanding, enormous universe has been created by Allah the Almighty alone, He Himself is the driving force behind it and shall continue to sustain in future also, all by Himself. Nobody is sharing his omnipotence, neither does he require anybody nor shall require anybody in future too. He has created each and every thing, all of which is perishable and prone to declination. It is He alone who is ever lasting and has lasted all along. He has not borne anybody, nor anybody was borne him. Neither he has a wife nor any other relative. His soul does not transfuse in anybody and he does not adopt the shape of human beings or that of any other creation. He is limitless and without any boundations. He is aware of each and every act or deed of all of his creations, whatsoever. Not only does He see all of his creations at the same time, He is also aware of their feelings, thinking and deeds more than they themselves are and much earlier than they come to know about it. He also knows what goes on in the heart, even when it has not been delivered by tongue. He listens to one and all and fulfils the needs of the seekers, if it is good for them. There is no need for any intermediary or intercession for invoking Him. Each and every work of Allah embodies wisdom and beneficence. He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent. None is like Him and He is not governed by anyone, whosoever. Moreover, his instructions cannot be left unheeded. Nobody can challenge Him. He is just and fair in His judgements. He does not even oppress any Mushrik or Kafir, one bit.
He is the master of life and death. He has already pre-determined the moment of death for each and every human being and certainly, there shall not be a moment’s procrastination in this matter. He is the one who sustains the entire universe. All such activities of man like worshipping, bowing, supplication, asking for help, making a vow, hoping, fearing – are directed towards Him alone. He is the one who alone is worthy of worship and obedience in all-possible forms. He is Omniscient and His knowledge pervades the entire universe.
All the qualities mentioned above, fall into His domain alone and nobody other than Him. No one is a party to His unique traits and qualities. In a nutshell, He is the master of all qualities and His existence is entirely immaculate.

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